Nanofantasy Collection: New Video

Nanofantasy collection

Inspired by an elegant contemporany approach and a new exclusive 30x90cm format by Apavisa. Bringing new interior colors and reliefs. The new decorative proposal offers a variety of options in customizing the environment, creating a collection that satisfies the users needs. Its minimalist style is subtle and genuine, endowing a new concept of creativity within different design possibilities that display their neutral colors. The main novelty of the collection is reflected in the versatility of the “Sound” relief, which offers a sensation of movement accompanying the natural finish.

Nanofantasy, feel the dimension…”

Regeneration Collection: Short version

Regeneration Collection

The Regeneration Collection is inspired by the industrial aesthetic, recalling the magic of the spaces taken from the old factories of the 50′s.

This new collection is defined by neutral colors which oscillate from black through grey and white. Presented with “Lappato” and natural finished, give this collection an industrial recycled coating feature, allowing surfaces to provide functionality without losing originality.Thus, the use of this collection brings a bigger space sensation without losing its practical aspect

« Industrial minimalism with an old soul”

Collection Regeneration: New video

Collection Régénération

Collection Régénération inspiré de l’esthétique industrielle ou d’usine, Remémorant la magie des espaces récupérés des anciennes usines des années 50.
Cette nouvelle collection se caractérise par des couleurs neutres qui oscillent du Noir passant par le Gris et le Blanc. Présentée avec les finitions « Lappato » et « Natural » qui confèrent a cette collection sa caractéristique de revêtement industriel recyclé, permettant de doté les superficies de fonctionnalités sans perdre l’originalité. Pour cela, l’usage de cette collection donne la possibilité d’augmenter la sensation d’espace sans oublier son aspect pratique

« Minimalisme industriel avec âme d’antan ”

Archconcept Light: New Spot

Porcelain tile video – Apavisa Arch Concept Light

Apavisa releases its new collection: Archconcept LIGHT « Addiction to design » based on the latest manufacturing technology as a result of a thorough investigation of the most futuristic architectural trends.

In this context we present the line « Arch Concept Light » with our product « Quarter Up », characterized by a new style, sophistication and elegance. The result is a model that stands out for its concave and convex reliefs, as well as its own surface, allowing the creation of an unusual placement procedure. This new proposal belongs to a diverse and extensive porcelain range, enriched by their unique qualities.

We create a new coating philosophy, revolutionizing the porcelain concept, adopting new designs that are characterized by three-dimensional shape, full of light and volume, surrounded by sophisticated and powerful LED technology.

At the same time, the Arch Concept collection brings new patterns of stone finishes, metal and cement, enhancing the role of the porcelain in the interior and exterior design, allowing a great improvement in the laying operations, providing depth and intensity to the spaces, ensuring the flexibility of any election.

Archconcept LIGHT offers a new approach to architecture, creating an…ADDICTION TO DESIGN.