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On 21st May 2012, Apavisa presented the latest collections at the New York Showroom.

Attendees had the opportunity to see first hand the new collections from Apavisa in the Showroom NYC.

The new collections were presented to a very enthusiastic crowd consisting of press and media groups, existing customers and the general public. We thank all the attendees for the support and positive feedback of the latest products.

Image Gallery of the event.

Large attendence at the presentation of new Apavisa concept in SoHo, New York..

Hundreds of attendees had the opportunity to see the new concept and presentation of Apavisa products at the companys’ showroom in SoHo NYC.. This new concept is designed to show all the possibilities that the Apavisa porcelain range can offer in both the current home and to customers who want to personalize their space. The idea is to be expanded to other Apavisa showrooms. Among the attendees, we distinguished guests included official public organizations, media, existing customers and the general public. We thank all the attendees who welcomed the new concept, many of them were delighted to see exclusive new ranges and a wide range of products. The interest shown by the audience along with its intention to plan projects together, we are looking forward to developing a rewarding mutual business. We would appreciate your support in broadcasting this information, we thank you, for your continued interest and support.

Image Gallery presenting a new concept in New York Apavisa.York.

New York – New Concept.

Image Gallery New York – New Concept.