Skypark, Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

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The new hotel project The Sand Skypark, or  Marina Bay Sands is a resort located in Singapore covering 12.400 meters square, and is over 200 meters altitude, recently opened its doors to the public. It has a 150 meters endless swimming pool at 250 meters high overlooking the city skyline of Singapore and Marina Bay, plus a public viewing and a restaurant run by a great “Chef”. The Arenas Sky park endless pool is an impressive marvel of architecture and engineering with over 4.000m2 coated inside and outside with Metal Titanium Natural collection of Apavisa Porcelanico

This engineering work, is at the top list of the most exclusive accommodation establishments in the world’s. The Three 50 levels hotels of  Marina Sands Bay with 200 meters high  are linked on top by a botanical garden where you can find 250 types of trees and 650 species of plants. Panoramic Where you can walk and see both the city ??and the sea from another perspective. The building that has completely changed the image of Singapore and the way of tourism. The park offers other amenities like a swimming pool, restaurants, a lounge bar, spa, etc.. … It has the capacity to lounge a bout 3900 people who want to enjoy one of the most privileged panoramic views of the city.

In addition to the figures, the most striking of Marina Sands Bay is its innovative architecture, designed by the architect MOSHE SAFDIE.

In its architectural morphology, the Marina Sands Bay looks like a curious boat-shaped at the top of its three towers, which highlights the impressive image of the building. This hotel has 2.560 rooms

The architect incorporate in the  design of the building an inland river to navigate by boat, , a convention center, an eye-catching square a glass pavilion and even a museum shaped as a lotus flower.